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  1. Aug 23,  · Q Strange - Buy My Friggin Album Bitch Album - Strangeland **LYRICS** [Verse 1] Buy my CD or I'll break your fuckin' head I got 15 hundred copies in .
  2. Hed Nod Shit - text Q Q Strange Strangeland. Musíš se My names Q Strange and I'm rollin' with the squad And all we're tryin' to do is make ya head nod [Verse 2] iLLmortal baby comin' back wit a vengeance You emcees are absent and I got perfect attendance.
  3. Q Strange - Nothing Q Strange - Illriginal Q Strange - Still Driftin' Q Strange - Stone Kold Killa Q Strange - Father Figure Q Strange - Murderkill 03 Q Strange - Hed Nod Shit Q Strange - Why I'm F'd Up Q Strange - Buy My Friggin Album Bitch! Q Strange - Can't Take No More Q Strange - That Dream www.
  4. Text písně Why I'm F'd Up od Q Strange. People wanna know why I'm so fucked up Could it be because of the way I grew up I didn't have much and times were to.. Q Strange - Why I'm F'd Up - text - .

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